Today, the banking industry in India has undergone radical changes due to the liberalization and globalization measures undertaken since 1991. Banks are experiencing stiff competition and are focusing now on customer centric strategies to attain competitive advantage. Now a day’s, customers are prefering convenient and comfortable banking operations and want to access to his bank account at any time and from anywhere. In today’s internet era, no one has the leisure to wait. Customers are expecting quick and better services. To enhance customer satisfaction and cope up with customer expectations, banks are using technology and internet. E-CRM and Internet Banking are the tools used by banks to serve the customer quicker and better and gain competitive advantage. The aim of this paper is to understand how banks use “Electronic Customer Relationship Management” tool to maintain their customer relations by using the internet. This study also evaluates the benefits derived by using E-CRM tool in banking industry

[1] Associate Professor, Siddartha Educational Academy of Group of Institutions, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh