There are individual differences in traits and abilities among research workers, and the neophyte and his adviser are interested in a discovery of those that are most closely associated with men who have made outstanding contributions in the field of science and philosophy. In the institutions of higher learning where the majority of beginners are introduced to the methods and practices of educational research

                The beginner in educational research and his adviser should study a list of the most commonly occurring mistakes in educational research in order to make provision for their avoidance in any research projects undertaken. Differences in aptitude for the necessary activities that must be engaged in will be found among beginners in educational research. If a method of determining those traits and abilities most closely associated with success in research may be found, the research neophyte may be examined at the beginning of his work with the purpose of a decision on further continuance in the field of endeavour or of development of certain characteristics with regard to which he is found to be lacking.

                The new research worker is entitled to benefit from definitely organized training programs based upon known professional objective. This is one ‘sine qua non’ in the group of “tugs” needed to make educational research successful: talents, ‘training’ facilities. Provision made by institutions of higher learning for such training differs widely, from the laissez faire’ attitude that the student proves his worth without aid to careful plans for preparatory courses and personal advice and guidance. Three essentials in preparation for educational research are listed:  practice in reflective ‘thinking’ and in actual ‘doing’ in research, and adequate knowledge ‘about’ research methods and technique.

[1] Principal, Millat Teachers’ Training College, Stadium Road, Madhubani, Bihar.

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