The aim of vocational education is intended to equip the persons to take up appropriate vocation and seek to develop knowledge and skills in order to operate successfully in the world of work.  On realizing the need for vocational education various committees and commissions from pre to post independent ere emphasized the importance and introduction of vocational education, in educational institutions and also all the national thinkers and educational champions from Mahatma Gandhi: in late thirties to Janardhan Reddy in nineties stressed on Work Education, and Vocational Education to be an important and integral component of school education. It is very much evident that vocational education will enhance the child to get economic independence and also improve the quality of life. In this context the investigator made an attempt to find out the vocational interests of 10th class students, who comes under early youth stage. In todays competitive world one has to strive hard to prove his capacities and skills to grab the opportunities and be self reliant and self sufficient. In the present study the researcher high lightened the vocational interests of the secondary school studentsi.e. from high interest level to low interest level on various vocational aspects. The results of the study revealed that majority of the students exhibited average and below average level in various vocational aspects. None of the students revealed very high and high interests in any vocational aspects. This may be due to lack of awareness and guidance in choosing any vocation. Hence it is the high time to provide vocational guidance/ career guidance to the students to choose suitable vocation according to their interests and abilities. So they can be productive citizens as well as contributors of economic development of the country.

[1] Asst. Professor, Dept of Education & HRD, Dravidian University, Kuppam.

[2] Research Scholar, Dept of Education & HRD, Dravidian University, Kuppam.

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