Teaching learning process is a mile stone in the field of education to bring about positive modifications in the behavior as well as personality of the learners. Today education has adopted multi-aspects which not only covers academic area of a student but an overall concept which touches each and every part of his life whether it is spiritual, intellectual, mental, emotional, personal etc. To play such a vast role it is necessary to include the environment also between teacher and student because it is all about environment and surrounding what he has to learn and there after implement in society which is also a part of environment .In this way today’s education can be termed as a tri-polar process.

Today there is a great need of student‘s active participation because his learning areas and scopes are very much expanded today and cope up with society he will have to keep himself updated. For this his full and active involvement is very essential. Through this can clear all his doubts and when he will take his queries to his teacher, then teachers will automatically enhance their knowledge to meet their student’s requirement. That teacher is considered to be the best that carry on his learning because with the span of time many changes are noticed in society. If the teacher will be aware about all these changes only when he will be able to impart fact based on original and prudent knowledge.

[1] Assistant Professor, Shree Birkha Ram College of Education, Khora Bhura, Naraingarh, Ambala.


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