Environmental education educates the people to live friendly with environment, it also develops the sense of responsibility to understand the environment and protect the environment. Environmental Education is an important tool which cultivates the sense of responsibility and care among students and people towards environment, how to behave with environment and how to protect the environment from pollution for sustainable development? The sustainable development can be done only in healthy environment. Without healthy environment, sustainable development is impossible. Therefore, environmental education is playing a vital role in sustaining the development without environmental damage.

We can aware the students, people, economists, policy planner, industrialists and polluters regarding environmental pollution and its problems. It is fact that environmental education can play vital role in maintaining the sustainable development and in protection of the environment. It is fact that environmental education can play a significant role in protecting the environment and sustaining the development. Without environmental safety and precautions, industrial development is harmful for the society. Therefore, environmental education is only the tool which can play a vital role in protection of environment and continue the sustainable development.

Therefore, knowledge of environmental education is very essential to all the students and common people, it should be the integral part of their curriculum in schools, colleges, and universities and linked with environmental importance and values for sustainable development.

Keywords: Environmental education, sustainable development, importance, principles, teaching values and role of EE.

[1] Assistant Professor (Sr.), Faculty of Education, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

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