Adolescence is a period when the individual leaves behind his childhood and proceeds towards maturity. Adolescence is particularly a stressful phase. Higher secondary education period marks the transition to university. This period also demands a specific direction of career movement depending upon their inclinations, academic performance and socioeconomic resources. Adolescent students in pre-university phase are likely to experience high stress in the competitive scenario.  The domain in which the stress occurs may determine the degree of stress experienced and how it is dealt with.  In addition, there may be spreading of stress from school to family and personal domains.

The present paper attempts to identify the stressors in a sample of adolescents during the terminal phase of schooling. An empirical study is conducted by administering a questionnaire among a selected sample of adolescent students studying in plus one and plus two in educational institutions. The stressors related to academics are identified. The perceived stress among adolescent students is analysed. The study also attempted to elucidate the support network in the areas of academic guidance and emotional support for the students. The attitude towards professional help seeking among adolescent students is revealed. The study findings highlighted the need for mental health interventions addressing the issues of stress management during the adolescence. The mental health of the adolescents is to be strengthened for the sustainable social development of the nation. The way they manage their stress has a lot to do with their mental wellbeing and happiness. The adolescents need to be empowered with life skills to attain age appropriate psychosocial competence.

Keywords: Adolescence, Adolescent students, Stressors, Mental health interventions, Stress management, Psycho social competence.

[1] Ph D Research Scholar (Social work), School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies ,Mahatma Gandhi University,   Kottayam , Kerala.

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