A Step Towards sustainability: Theme Based Teaching By Ms. Anjana Tawani


Theme-based teaching is a valuable approach in education that contributes to sustainability in various ways. This teaching approach organises instructions incorporating themes which allows students to gain deeper understanding about sustainability. Thematic unit approach and Integration of Themes in subject specific content are the two ways of incorporating Theme Based Teaching in the classroom.

Thematic unit approach, curriculum organised in relation to sustainability, social justice, cultural diversity, or any other important topic. On the other hand, Integration of Themes in subject specific content links subjects to existing subject-specific content. Teachers can connect various themes, such as water conservation, essay writing, and data analysis, to sustainability themes. For instance, a Hindi poetry on “EK BOOND” can be linked to water conservation, while a history class unit on fundamental rights can be correlated with social justice or equality. In commerce, business services can be connected to energy efficiency technologies or environment protection. Both approaches offer valuable opportunities to instil critical thinking, and values related to sustainability in students. The choice between Thematic unit approach and Integration of Themes in subject specific content depends on the school’s curriculum structure and educational philosophy.

Keywords: sustainability, theme-based teaching approaches, integrated theme- based instructions,completely theme-based instruction

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