Integration of ICT in Teacher Training Institutions: A Transformation in the Paradigm of Teacher Education By Aamir Majeed


In the contemporary world the integration of digital technology laid a great importance on teacher training institutions (TTIs) and its transformative impact on the paradigm of teacher pedagogy of teaching. As the current educational scenario evolves, this study explores how the strategic incorporation of digital technology tools and methodologies within teacher training programs reshapes traditional teaching approaches. The research investigates the efficacy of Information and Communication Technology enhancing pedagogical strategies, developing collaborative learning environments and preparing teacher educators for the demands of the digital era. The current study eventually aims to contribute to the ongoing discourse on modernizing teacher education, emphasizing the key role of technology in shaping a new paradigm that aligns with evolving demands of the learners and society. This study emphasizes to offer a comprehensive analysis of diverse research studies the valuable insights and hold implications for educators, policymakers, curriculum developers and institutions striving to adopt and innovate in response to the dynamic landscape of teacher training programs in an evolving technological world. 

Keywords: information and Communication technology (ICT), integration, paradigm, teacher education, transformation

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