Teacher’s Professional Development in Online Social Networking Sites By Cathrine Asha S. and Dr. Blessing Mary


The emergence of online social networking sites has brought about a significant transformation in the field of teacher professional development. This abstract looks at how these platforms affect and improve the development, cooperation, and resource-sharing of educators. These platforms enable educators to work together, exchange ideas, and access a multitude of resources from a variety of viewpoints, thereby fostering global connections. The advantages of social networking sites for teacher professional development are examined in this abstract, with a focus on how they support professional learning communities (PLCs), facilitate networking-based collaboration, and give access to an extensive library of educational materials. Teachers can improve their classroom practices by customizing their lessons, having conversations, and exchanging creative teaching techniques. By providing direction, and tools, and incorporating social networking participation into official professional development programs, institutions play a critical role in assisting educators. Though these platforms present an enormous number of opportunities, professionalism, privacy, and the authenticity of the information are important factors to take into account. Teachers need to be responsible users of these environments, upholding moral behaviour and critical analysis of shared materials. These virtual communities present instructors with exceptional chances for education, cooperation, and resource exchange that can greatly influence their professional development and efficacy in the classroom.

Keywords: educational blogging sites, online learning experiences, professional learning networks, teacher’s knowledge sharing

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