Transforming Education: Evaluating The Implementation and Effects of the 2020 Education Policy By Dr. Veena Khilnani


The effect of educational policies on instruction and learning is covered in this paper. It examines how they have changed historically, how well they have adapted to societal shifts, and how well they have served a range of student needs using a mixed-methods approach. With an emphasis on how these policies affect teaching strategies and student learning outcomes, the research closely examines the roles that legislators, educators, and stakeholders had in developing and putting into operation these policies. The prospects that have been highlighted consist of fostering holistic development, offering flexibility, using technology, and placing a strong emphasis on early childhood education. However, issues including inadequate finance, resistance from teachers, and regional differences stand in the way of successful implementation. Proposals for remedies include pushing for larger budgetary allotments, putting in place comprehensive programmes for educating teachers, running awareness campaigns, and resolving regional disparities. The results provide insightful information for inclusive and fair education. The study suggests that to overcome difficulties and take benefit from possibilities for successful policy implementation, authorities, educators, and stakeholders ought to establish a coordinated and adaptive approach.

Keywords: 2020 Education Policy, implementation, stakeholders, effects, possibilities

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