E- learning: Impact on Psychosocial Competence By Ms. Rajwinder Kaur and Dr. Gagandeep Kaur


E-learning or digital learning is the need of the technologically dominated twenty first century in which every bit of knowledge is on the scrolling of the finger. Students of every level of education are much more interested in e- learning due to its numerous advantages and the learning at individual pace is the topmost one. Moreover, at a time when much of the population is practicing social distancing due to the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by a novel coronavirus, losing direct connection with friends, colleagues and extended family have an impact on the psychosocial competence of the majority of the population. Due to this situation every sector of the society is facing unavoidable changes so as in case of Education. Disclosure of educational institutions has led to a shift in mode of education from offline to online education. In general, humans are social creatures and value their relationships with other people.  Due to this shift and growing need of e- learning, students are facing many challenges and these challenges are having direct and indirect impact on their psychosocial competence. This article will discuss about the online education, social distancing and its impact on psychosocial competence of the students as well, as teachers.

Keywords: psychosocial competence, e- leaning, challenges

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