Education envisages all round development of an individual. It facilitates to develop mind, body and soul. Nai Talim focuses on development of head, hand and heart. New Education policy 2020 introduced by government of India focuses on development of strengthen society, self-dependent and self-reliant human being which is the main aim of Nai Talim too. Nai Talim is a live model which will pave path to implement the action plan of NEP 2020. Nai Talim is an unique and indigenous system of education that has potential to fulfill aims of education and lead nation towards sustainable development. Gandhiji view is to train youth through Nai Talim (craft based , learning by doing ) to bring revolutionary changes in India. Such generation will be independent and work for welfare of the society. Nai Talim is a craft-based education which focused on practical skills. Knowledge and work were considered as two sides of the same coin, gives fruitful knowledge were happens.   Experience based activity is used to improve the academic achievement of prospective teachers (Devaki,N, 2020) . Mahatma Gandhi Nai Talim appears to be pertinent and may work well for sustainable development. It places a strong emphasis on indigenous educational practices that take into account children’s aptitude for creativity and innovation as well as local requirements. The current paper focus is on how Nai Talim helps aspiring teachers improve their academic performance. Exploratory Sequential mixed method adopted with single group a pre-test, post-test, design is used. The study’s findings show that involvement in Nai Talim-based activities fosters prospective students’ academic success.

Keywords: Nai Talim, Experiential Learning, Craft based Pedagogy, Academic Achievement.

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