We live in a world in which science, technology and development play important roles in changing human destiny. The over exploitation of natural resources for the purpose of development created serious environmental hazards. As in the name of development we are unethically plundering our natural resources. Mahatma Gandhi was not an environmentalist in the modern sense, but his ideas on self sufficiency, self reliance, village swaraj, independence and sarvodhaya disclose his environmental concern. His ideas of sustainable development encompass not only environmental development but also general socio-economic and human development consistent with moral values. He not only gave India its freedom, but also gave the world a new thought on nonviolence and sustainable future. His experiments in simple living, high thinking and focus on rural development are the greatest contributions towards sustainable living. The prescription of ‘simple living’ attempts to put a check on unlimited consumption and unending exploitation of natural resources. The essence of Gandhian approach to technological progress lies in treating nature as a friend and benefactor. This approach is opposite to what we have practicing so far in the name of technology. The objectives of sustainability require the protection of natural recourses base upon which future development depends. Gandhiji’s values for sustainability are aimed not just at protecting nature but at creating an ecological society that lives in harmony with nature. This article highlights the Green thoughts of Gandhi give us a new vision to harmonic nature with the needs of human beings. It focuses on to the importance of implementing Gandhian principles and action plans for a sustainable future which in turn develops our country according to our own culture. Also this article discusses the need of adopting Gandhian model of development to achieve sustainable development in a democratic manner in our country.

Keywords:  Sustainable living, Self sufficiency, Village swaraj, Sarvodhaya, Simple living, Green thoughts, Gandhian model of development.

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