Brian Acton and Jan Koum (2009) invented Whatsapp messenger for easy and fast communication and distribution of multimedia messaging. Whatsapp is one of the most liked social service networking in technology that is commonly used on smart mobile phone and other personal devices. Since the Smartphones became popular, many messaging services were launched but Whatsapp has become widespread among them. Besides all, this Application is highly fanatic and can create a great impact on regular users, and apart from that it can leave a trace that becomes difficult to control and cure. This research had been carried out to investigate the attitude and perception college students in Darbhanga district. 100 students from the B.Ed. course from two teacher’s training colleges were chosen to become the respondents of this study. Each respondent was asked to rate a set of statements (Rating Scale). The findings of the study indicated that the students of both colleges have a mixed variety of level of attitudes and perception towards Whatsapp usage. They considered that Whatsapp is very useful for their study and learning. Female students were on high level of attitude in comparison to male student. Both genders had same perceptions towards using Whatsapp. Age has nothing to play in both attitude and perception of college student. But student of below 23 age were more inquisitive towards usage of Whatsapp in their study. Keywords: Whatsapp, Attitude, Perceptions, Mobile phone, College students.

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